What to read this weekend: April 29th Edition

Article of the week: As a teacher that focuses on a “growth mindset,” this article by KJ Dell’Antonia in the NY Times – Well Blog seems right up my alley.

Raising a Child With Grit Can Mean Letting Her Quit

April 29, 2016 – STEMM Articles

Science –  I should really do this more!  Meditation Keeps Your Brain Young

Technology – Yahoo’s Security Chief On Encryption Debate: What Is The Greater Good?

Engineering – This looks fun! This Website Is a Rube Goldberg Machine Made of HTML Components

Mathematics – Economics counts as math, right?  Chobani’s Shared Capitalism Bonanza and Why Chobani Gave Employees A Financial Stake In Company’s Future

Medicine – These dozing ‘dragons’ could change how we think about sleep

That is all!  Have a good weekend.

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