STEMM – What to read this weekend April 22, 2016

My goal is that every Friday I will list at least one article in the sections of science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and medicine (STEMM) that you should read each weekend.

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April 22, 2016 – STEMM Articles

Science – Marlins, Pirates players are worried about the Zika virus for upcoming Puerto Rico games by NBC Sports

Zika Virus

Technology – The FBI Paid More Than $1.3 Million to Unlock the San Bernardino iPhone. Is That a Good Deal? by Slate’s Future Tense Blog

Engineering – SpaceX Rocket Makes Spectacular Landing on Drone Ship by NatGeo’s Phenomena Blog

SpaceX Rocket

Mathematics – The U.S. Hispanic Population Is ‘Disproportionately’ Young by Atlantic’s CityLab

Medicine – How to Survive a Fast, Venomous, Flesh-Destroying Snake by NatGeo’s Phenomena Blog

Honorable Mentions

The Federal Government Finally Forgives Billion of Dollars in Debt for Disabled Students by Pacific Standard

Doctors Used an ER Patient’s FitBit Data to Figure Out How to Treat Him by Slate’s Future Tense Blog

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