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Welcome to the STEMM and Leaf Blog! After dragging my feet for weeks, I felt the world could no longer wait for the debut of my life-changing and ever so important blog on the interface of math, science, technology, and teaching.

As we approach this year’s Earth Day, this post on the Official Google Blog, reminded me of my college personal statement on how I was going to the save the world.  Having learned about the cataclysmic effects that climate change could have on our world in high school, I wanted to study to become an environmental engineer in college so that I can make a difference to save our world.  While I did become an environmental engineer professionally, after seven years of service I discovered that I was not making the change I wanted to see in the world.  Now, I find myself as a high school math and engineering teacher still working towards the same goal.

Just as the Google Blog post states

We want to create technology that helps millions of others understand our changing world and live more sustainably—whether it’s connecting people with public transit routes, or using the data that powers Google Earth to help you see if your roof is good for solar panels. In honor of Earth Day this month, we’ve gathered together some of the ways Google can help you reduce your everyday emissions and learn more about preserving our world.

I feel that teachers around the world have a responsibility to use their positions as educators to not only teach their subjects but to also allow their students to discover truths about their world that can need to be known.

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